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  • Rachel

FFIX-inspired Takayas Ring

It has always been a far-off dream of mine to get a custom ring made by the amazing Takayas Custom Jewelry in Los Angeles, California. They are well-known for making absolutely stunning game-inspired engagement rings. I would always just say to my now-husband Jonathan that I wanted an ring off Etsy instead but still be thinking wow, if I actually got something from Takayas...!

Well, it turns out I would get one. 😭 I think custom rings are so special because the design is truly one-of-a-kind and holds extra meaning. Whoever gives it to you put additional thought into how it looks and the symbolism behind its intricacies. Hearing and reading about what Jonathan and Takayas did to make this for me was so wonderful.

You can learn more about the process of designing the ring and how Jonathan worked with them on Takayas' blog here. For the full (and fully-designed) blog please click the link below.


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