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Final Fantasy IX-inspired Engagement Ring

Takayas Custom Jewelry Review

We're Jonathan and Rachel, a couple from California, USA. In 2019, we decided to get married civilly. We haven't had the chance to have a wedding yet and the pandemic has brought those plans even further out as we patiently wait for it to be safe again. And hey, we're totally fine with that as we're planning this Final Fantasy-inspired wedding and are enjoying the extra time to get the details down! The FF series is something we've both played games from over the years, whether it was when we hadn't had met yet or together. We're excited to have a celebration inspired from one of our favorite game series!

This is our first blog post and the first thing we'd like to share as part of our eventual wedding is the Final Fantasy IX-inspired engagement ring Jonathan proposed with, which was designed and created by Takayas Custom Jewelry in Los Angeles, California.


You can learn more about the process of designing the ring and how Jonathan worked with them on Takayas' blog here. Below, we'll summarize our thoughts!


Jonathan's Thoughts


When Rachel and I first saw the custom game-inspired rings from Takayas, I made it a goal to have our engagement and wedding rings made from them. I knew custom rings from them would be the most special thing I could give her, especially one inspired by Final Fantasy.

My favorite game from the series is IX, which I played when I was still in elementary school. Actually, it's my favorite game of all time! It's also a game from the series that that we've also replayed together and has a lot of sentimental value to both of us. Knowing that I wanted to go with FFIX as the theme, I needed to know what sort of characteristics Rachel would like so I could let Takayas do their design magic.

The thought of conceptualizing a custom ring seemed so daunting to me at first but the Takayas team, with their expertise and prowess over jewelry-making, made everything go extremely smoothly. The ring ended up so beautiful and look on Rachel's face when she saw it meant everything to me.


Rachel's Thoughts


For many years now, I have loved looking on Takayas' blog to see the spectacular rings they'd make. Each of their works are so dazzling and the Final Fantasy-inspired rings they make have always made my eyes sparkle. Looking at them gives me a sense of magic that you would find in the games. I never thought I'd get one myself because, well, it just seemed like a dream!

Jonathan would keep asking me what I wanted in a ring and I just gave my answers. It was sort of funny because I'm not really the type of person to have an exact vision of what engagement ring I wanted. As I said oh, I liked this or that trait, I wondered how a ring like that would look like when it came altogether.

When I saw my ring and realized that it was actually a custom ring from Takayas I was so blown away. FFIX has forever delighted me with its world and story. I'm so estatic to have the charm of the game imbued within this ring that will be with me for the rest of our lives. The design is so absolutely, really accounting for all my preferences, no matter how scattered I thought they were as I told them to Jonathan, hahaha.

To have a custom ring, it really does mean a lot. I can feel all the work that was put into this ring by Takayas and Jonathan, and I can most certaintly feel the love from my husband.


Once again, we'd like to thank Takayas Custom Jewelry for all that they have done!


-Jonathan & Rachel

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