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  • Rachel

Moments in My Games Industry Journey

2023 will mark five years since I've entered the games industry. 🤯 It has always been my goal to figure out an optimal way to share my experiences, advice, and tips for those wanting to enter the industry and navigate it. I spent three years prior to my first job having a hard time getting into the industry so now being in the position of achieving what I set out to do, I want to help people.

The most obvious thing to share first was a summary of my journey so far. When it came to making a blog or YouTube video, I've really struggled to make something I was happy with. Maybe it was the perfectionist in me struggling with the sheer amount of content I had to edit.

When it comes to consuming content, for better or for worse, I browse Tiktok pretty frequently. With some encouragement from a game industry friend who said I should create content about the games industry in a way that's fun for me, I realized why don't I just try making tiktoks again?

There was actually a trend on Tiktok where people were sharing moments that have really stuck with them - for example, moments in their travels to Japan or starting up a business. People used the newer "photo mode" that cycled through photos, putting a caption to explain why that moment in time was particularly memorable. I thought I'd try this for summarizing my journey in the games industry so far. It worked. I was able to create something I liked!! I pressed the post button!

I'm so happy I finally got it out there, content that shows what I've done in a more comprehensive way.

I'm even more stoked about how it was able to reach people and move them in a way where they resonated with the struggle, found more inspiration to keep going to reach their own goals, and so on.

I thought I'd share it here. It's up at the top!

As for creating more helpful content about the games industry, I'll keep at it. It might be a slow endeavor with a full-time job and everything else but I'll try my best!

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